Engaging School Parents Using Digital Learning and Mobile Apps

Edited from an original post on RenWeb.com - June 6, 2016

It’s critical for schools to transform parents into partners in their student’s educational journey. Not only does it give the student a greater chance at success, but it also helps drive retention and parent satisfaction.

The good news is that you can expand your digital learning initiatives into the hands of parents–and help foster a partnership with them–by emphasizing a few key things.

Integration. An Edutopia article quoted the director of a tech integration fund saying, “With the right approach, technology integration leads to better engagement with parents along with better academic outcomes.” In practical terms, this means inviting parents to be part of the learning process in real-time, whether they’re viewing grades and attendance or communicating with teachers. (ParentsWeb, the RenWeb Home app, and the RenWeb Staff apps can help with this process at your school.)

Accessibility. Flipped classroom technology and learning management systems designed for K-12 environments are helping students and parents more easily access learning content within and outside the classroom. While these tools and methods help drive student engagement, they also give parents a birds-eye view into exactly what their child is learning and how they’re learning it. Analytics from these more advanced classroom technologies also provides parents detailed information about what methodologies may be appropriate for further engaging the student both in the classroom and at home.

Information. A happy parent is a parent who is notified instantly when issues arise within the classroom. Parents love to be informed, no matter if they’re checking an app, receiving a text notification, or chatting directly with a teacher. This helps schools too: the faster parents learn about potential problems, the more quickly they can be addressed and solved.

Convenience. Parent engagement isn’t all about grades and attendance. By allowing parents to easily perform various tasks online and by their mobile phones without having to and make an extra stop at your school–you are creating space for more convenience and efficiency in their lives. What seems like a small step to you may be a big leap forward for busy parents.