tadley has taken out all the fees that complicate payment processing!


Since 2002 Tadley has processed hundreds of millions of dollars in payments for schools and non-profit organizations.

Tadley has a rich heritage of providing payment solutions for schools.We are proud to now offer these robust and easy to use solutions for our clients throughout Asia.


Get Paid Fast and Increase Cash-Flow

Managing payments is now easier for parents and administrators. 

  • Schools increase cash flow and revenue while reducing staff time and stress.
  • Parents don't need to pre-qualify. They simply enter credit card or bank info.
  • Funds can be paid and settled in your currency of choice. 
  • Automate monthly and scheduled payments. Less hassle for the school and parents.
  • Streamline payments for books, school trips, meals, tuition and more!

Online, Mobile & Offline

We make it easy for you to invoice your parents and for them to pay you quickly. 

Parents can easily pay from a computer, from their mobile phone or with cash at retail locations in their community. It only takes a few clicks and they're done. With our automatic payment options they can even schedule the payments and forget about them. 

Payment Methods

Below is a quick overview of the payment methods available in the South East Asia Region. Take a look at all the locations we can serve: