Don't put your school or the health and finances of your families & staff at risk.

Tadley Asia's SafeGuard Travel Insurance reduces your risk and gives you the added assurance of financial protection while you, your students and staff travel.

Core components include emergency medical insurance (USD $250,00, with no deductible), evacuation and repatriation, bank card theft protection and 24/7 emergency and support services.

You only pay for the days of travel. Rates as low as USD $4.00 (USD $3.50 for school groups) per day .

Underwritten by Global Benefits Group (gbg.com)

Use the Pricing Calculator below to estimate the cost of your insurance.

  • If your trip is not for an organized sporting event the cost will be USD$4.00 per day, per person.

  • If your trip is for an organized sporting event the cost will be USD$8.00 per day, per person.

What is SafeGuard Insurance?

SafeGuard provides a vital lifeline to educators and their students traveling on overnight trips or trips outside of their home country . Core components of SafeGuard include emergency medical insurance , evacuation and repatriation , and 24 /7 emergency and support services.

A SafeGuard policy will cover you anywhere in the world * and can be purchased on an annual or single-trip basis. Coverage provided by Global Benefits Group (GBG).


Key Benefts of SafeGuard Insurance

  • Emergency medical treatment for all age bands.

  • Emergency medical evacuation for all age bands with no policy limit.

  • GBG Assist provides 24/7 emergency and support services including arranging direct billing where available.

  • Senior coverage levels up to age 65.

  • Bank card theft protection through ATMSafe.