Tadley has a rich heritage of providing payment solutions for schools.

Since 2002 Tadley has processed hundreds of millions of
dollars in payments for schools and non-profit organizations.

We are proud to now offer these robust and easy to use solutions for our clients throughout Asia.

Get Paid Fast and Increase Cash-Flow

Managing payments is now easier for parents and administrators. 

  • Schools increase cash flow and revenue while reducing staff time and stress.
  • Parents don't need to pre-qualify. They simply enter credit card or bank info.
  • Funds can be paid and settled in your currency of choice. 
  • Automate monthly and scheduled payments. Less hassle for the school and parents.
  • Streamline payments for books, school trips, meals, tuition and more!

Online, Mobile & Offline

We make it easy for you to invoice your parents and for them to pay you quickly. 

Parents can easily pay from a computer, from their mobile phone or with cash at retail locations in their community. It only takes a few clicks and they're done. With our automatic payment options they can even schedule the payments and forget about them. 

Simple, Straight-forward Pricing

With Tadley Payments, we’ve taken out all the fees and complication. You get simple, straight-forward pricing.

We have ZERO fixed and hidden fees:

·      Monthly Fees - ฿0

·      Annual Fees - ฿0

·      Statement Fees - ฿0

·      Gateway Fees - ฿0

·      Transaction Fees - ฿0

·      Batch Fees - ฿0

·      Third Party Fees - ฿0

·      PCI Fees - ฿0

·      Hidden Fees - ฿0

Other Merchant Services can charge dozens of fees that can add up to thousands of dollars, including:

·      Annual Fee – ฿3,500

·      Statement Fee – ฿350 per month

·      Gateway Fee - ฿350 per month

·      Transaction Fee – ฿15 per transaction

·      Miscalaneous Fees - ฿350 per month

·      PCI Fee – ฿5,200 per year

Tadley Payments does not charge you any of these fees. We have simple straight-forward pricing. You simply pay one low fee for the transaction at the time that it is processed.