Submit a Travel Claim

You may file your claims electronically to Tadley Asia by following the instructions on the form.

Required Documentation for all claims:

  1. A signed and fully completed claim form must be submitted with each claim.
  2. All claims must be submitted with proof of travel including flight records.
  3. Medical Records: Doctors’ Notes Reports, Bills, Receipts including names and addresses.
  4. Proof of loss and detailed description of loss (if applicable)
  5. Police Reports (if applicable)
  6. Baggage Loss/Theft (if applicable) – Airline records, also called Property Irregularity Report (P.I.R.), must include confirmation of claim including phone numbers and any other applicable reports from the Common Carrier.
  7. Any additional documentation requested by the GBG to support your claim.

Claims can be submitted via email at: Please upload your documents by following this link: ClaimsUpload You will receive a message acknowledging receipt of your claim. If Tadley Asia has received all the necessary documents to process your claim, it will be assessed within approximately 30 days.